Material Specification and Selection


We now produce 9 different grades of Carbon fibre composite material .This allows us to offer the right material for any specific application, whether it is for standard production parts or specials . These materials can be divided into two sub groups .

Carbon this is a laminate of woven carbon fibre cloth and Epoxy resin vacuum consolidated and oven cured for maximum strength . This is the lightest and stiffest material that we offer, but it is also the most expensive, the material selection chart shows the different thicknesses and fibre configurations available .

CSC this is a laminate of carbon fibre glass fibre and Epoxy resin fully vacuum consolidated and cured as the full carbon grades . Glass fibre is a tougher material than Carbon fibre but is also heavier, the other main advantage is that it is a cheaper fabric, making the CSC grades a good compromise of price and weight with excellent toughness . The amount of Glass fabric present in any laminate varies from around 20% to over 80% .

To help with identification of materials used as standard we have included a material identification letter in the price table e.g. [G], this cross references with the table below .

Material ID



A 2.0 mm Carbon 5 layers carbon 0-90/+-45/0-90/+-45/0-90
B 2.4 mm Carbon 6 layers carbon 0-90/+-45/0-90/90-0/+-45/0-90
C 3.0 mm Carbon 7 layers carbon 0-90/+-45/0-90/+-45/0-90/+-45/0-90
D 1.4 mm CSC 2 carbon 1 glass 0-90/0-90 g/0-90
E 2.0 mm CSC 2 carbon 3 glass 0-90/0-90 g/+- 45g/0-90 g/0-90
F 2.3 mm CSC 4 carbon 1 glass 0-90/+-45/0-90 g/+-45/0-90
G 2.6 mm CSC 4 carbon 2 glass 0-90/+-45/0-90 g/0-90 g/+-45/0-90
H 2.9 mm CSC 4 carbon 3 glass 0-90/+-45/0-90 g/0-90 g/0-90 g/+-45/0-90
I 3.0 mm CSC 2 carbon 4 glass 0-90/0-90 g/0-90 g/0-90 g/0-90 g /0-90

Any of the above materials can be supplied as blank sheet, or can be specified for the production of specials, or as an alternative to the listed standard parts. A minimum order value would be applied to this service .