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WELCOME To the Web Site of Hansell Composites Limited.

Welcome to the web site of Hansell Composites Limited, a very specialised manufacturing Company based in North Yorkshire, England.

The Company was formed in January 1992 by the current Managing Director, Martin Hansell, the original intention being to provide unrivalled manufacturing services to small scale (other than aerospace and F1) customers, a bit like bringing carbon fibre usage to the masses. The Company has dedicated ranges of components for motorcycles, model cars and bicycles, these sell under the name of FIBRE-LYTE.

The Company has a manufacturing facility for the production of flat carbon fibre composite panels and a limited amount of moulding. Our manufacturing and machining facility is geared towards production of smaller batches of components, anything from one-offs to 5000 parts. With our specialist set-up of CNC machinery and the latest Alpha-Cam CAD/CAM 2½D machining software we can quote very reasonable production rates whatever the size of the job.

On the parallel fibre-lyte.co.uk site you will see many standard parts listed for motor cycles, model cars and cycles.