Material specification and selection

Plain weave
2x2 twill
4x4 twill





PLAIN WEAVE - the most commonly used weave style on rc car parts

2 X 2 TWILL - used more in motorsport and on bicycle parts but can also be seen on rc parts, often from mainland Europe

4 X 4 TWILL - a lot less common weave style on rc parts, it used to be the standard weave used by fibre-lyte in the 1990's to differentiate our parts from other manufacturers but it's not used very often now.

Please note - 2x2 twill parts are available as an option but only as a custom order. 4x4 twill is becoming increasingly more scarce. Please contact us if that's what you would prefer. As standard we use plain weave. A matt/satin finish is also available as an option for plain weave and 2x2 twill weave material.

Carbon fibre -

This is the ultimate material for maximum stiffness with minimum weight. Entirely a carbon fibre and epoxy laminate


This is a composite made from carbon fibre and glass fibre (silica - hence the 'S'). The glass fibre is used as a filling between layers of carbon fibre. This method of construction allows us to utilise the excellent strength and stiffness properties of carbon fibre at the more critical outer layers of the part, whilst using the superior toughness and lower cost glass fibre as the centre of the laminate. The percentage of carbon fibre to glass fibre varies for each material but CSC always presents good toughness and value with only a small weight penalty, In cosmetic appearance, CSC looks identical to carbon fibre on the surface (as the surface layers are carbon fibre) but the central section has a white / light grey appearance due to the fibreglass. We no longer offer CSC as a standard product for rc car parts as we have replaced it with Carbon660 although it can sometimes be made available as a custom order if required. Contact us for details

Carbon660 -

An updated version of CSC, Carbon660 is a laminate with carbon fibre on the outer surfaces and then the internal layers are alternating carbon fibre and glass fibre. Carbon660 has much the same physical properties as CSC with a sectional cosmetic appearance that looks more like carbon fibre than CSC. We offer Carbon660 as a custom option so please contact us for details if this material appeals to you.

Table showing the material id and description used in fibre-lyte rc products

Material ID



Material ID


A 2.0 mm Carbon   D 1.4 mm CSC
B 2.5 mm Carbon   E 2.0 mm CSC
C 3.0 mm Carbon   F 2.3 mm CSC
      G 2.6 mm CSC
      H 2.9 mm CSC
      I 3.0 mm CSC
      J 4.5 mm CSC

If you wish to purchase parts then please contact us directly (we do mail order worldwide).