Yokomo YZ2 conversion parts


Due to customer demand, we have added these parts to our website. They have been designed by Trevor Hale and Bastien Garcia. More details about the conversion parts can be found in the links below;




Yokomo YZ2


Part No.


Material Type

Retail Price
in £ Sterling
for carbon

YZ2 01 Shock tower (Trevor Hale design) 4mm 10.95
YZ2 02 Shock tower spacer (Trevor Hale design) C 3.50
YZ2 03 Battery brace (Trevor Hale design) B 12.50
YZ2 04 Shock tower (Bastien Garcia design) 4mm 12.95
YZ2 05 Steering links (Bastien Garcia design) C 3.90
YZ2 06 Battery brace (Bastien Garcia design) B 15.95

If you wish to purchase then please contact us directly (we do mail order worldwide).